Wish Bearer Woodland Vase

Wish Bearer Woodland Vase


A special unique and meaningful handmade gift, due to the handmade process this is a one off and no other vase will be the same. Each vase will differ as a result. The vase is lovingly made in my Cornish studio over a period of 3 weeks.


This is my first Wish Bearer Woodland Vase, it displays my peace wish bearer to the front of the vase, she is surrounded by 24 carat gold stars and also wears a 24 carat gold crown, making this simply divine and enchanting. The vase is hand formed using coils made from porcelain. It has the design gently carved into the body. It is glazed in a transparent glaze so the vase is able to hold water. The vase has two ceramic leaves which allow the gold effect wire to attach to a pear tree branch. The handle is for display and I would avoid handling by this particularly when filled with water. 


The Wish Bearer collects your wishes as they fly up high, she is the guardian of them until she safely delivers them to your intended recipient she is porcelain and wears a 24 carat gold lustre crown and your chosen wish symbol is carved on her side. She is formed by hand and due to this each wish bearer is slightly different making a unique and personal gift or treat to yourself.


Who will you send your wishes too?


Also available as made to order by contacting me with your order.

The vase comes with a typed note with the wish bearer story. 

Option to add a personalised wish with your order, but this must be completed at the time of your order.