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Sparrows Nest Ceramics

Hand formed joyful pottery from Cornwall

Hello and Welcome

I'm Cara Fitzmaurice, dreamer, designer and maker behind Sparrows Nest Ceramics.

I'm a collector of lost feathers, acorn caps, fallen cones and quiet moments in the wild. Nature journaling the land here at home is where my design process starts, it's through observing the everyday, the small things, that inspire words, ceramic forms and illustrations. 

Our cottage and studio is sat on a Cornish hilltop surrounded by meadow and protected from the elements by Pine, Oak, and Ash. I create joy and share my stories from home, through the gentle process of hand building tactile, authentic pottery from my Cornwall studio, where I also run workshops.

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Blanket morning mist lifts returning to the crisp clear skies. The sun strains through lighting up the sparkling dew, hedgerows buzz with eager wake up calls.  Cow parsley, grasses and heavy hanging branches frame the fanciful flight of the swallow. My skin, my heart, my mind. All senses have come alive as I rush back full of inspiration to my Cornish pottery studio, Sparrows Nest.  

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